Chris Cornell: Louder Than Love

The first thing that I read this morning was the title of an article on my phone. It sadly and succinctly stated: “Sudden and Unexpected: Soundgarden Frontman Chris Cornell Dies at Age 52” I blurted out “OH MY GOD!” ……………………………and then I went numb. Sometime in the spring of 1990, I came across a copy […]

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Michael Angelo Batio 4/8/2017

A beautiful Spring night in Midlothian, perfect for some local rock music. I’m a staunch advocate for original material, but most musicians start off emulating their favorite artists, thus cover bands are born. Tonight TQ, Lisa and I are at Cheers (formerly Sullivan’s) on 147th St. just east of Cicero Ave. to see Jim Pape […]

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Hitchin’ A Ride….

Even though this blog focuses on the Chicago local music scene, I want to take time to eulogize a former member of one of my all-time favorite bands. I was a high school student in the mid-70’s and no band lifted my spirits and touched my soul more than Boston. Lots of critics like to […]

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The Sleeping Giant

I have a question for every self-respecting radio station DJ, Program Director, and it’s subsequent ownership: are you aware that Chicago (according to is the THIRD largest market in radio? Because if you are, you are complicit in the demise and ruin of radio in my fair city. For that, I say “SHAME! SHAME […]

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Here We GO!

Here you can find additional information on the venues we will review, on the music we think you should check out, and on the bands worth spending your hard-earned dollars.

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