Paragon says Good-bye…

I have some good friends in this band Faith In The Fallen, whom I’ve mentioned here before and play a substantial role in the Chicago music scene. As usual, FITF plays 90% of their shows as far from where I live as maps will allow. It’s like they’re embarrassed by me! All kidding aside, it […]

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Chris Cornell: Louder Than Love

The first thing that I read this morning was the title of an article on my phone. It sadly and succinctly stated: “Sudden and Unexpected: Soundgarden Frontman Chris Cornell Dies at Age 52” I blurted out “OH MY GOD!” ……………………………and then I went numb. Sometime in the spring of 1990, I came across a copy […]

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Michael Angelo Batio 4/8/2017

A beautiful Spring night in Midlothian, perfect for some local rock music. I’m a staunch advocate for original material, but most musicians start off emulating their favorite artists, thus cover bands are born. Tonight TQ, Lisa and I are at Cheers (formerly Sullivan’s) on 147th St. just east of Cicero Ave. to see Jim Pape […]

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Hitchin’ A Ride….

Even though this blog focuses on the Chicago local music scene, I want to take time to eulogize a former member of one of my all-time favorite bands. I was a high school student in the mid-70’s and no band lifted my spirits and touched my soul more than Boston. Lots of critics like to […]

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