Here We GO!

In preparation of our podcast launch later this Spring, I’m starting our blog that will accompany our shows. Here you can find additional information on the venues we will review, on the music we think you should check out, and on the bands worth spending your hard-earned dollars. Tommy (aka “TQ”)┬áis my musical partner in crime and can hold his own in any musical circle – he’s well-traveled, well-spoken and well-dressed! Well, most of the time! My name is Crage (aka “Bluto”) and I have a love for all music, but I especially love original local bands and up & coming national acts. We go to a ton of shows, talk to lots of people and know the bands & venues well. In the coming months, we’ll talk about all of it giving you some detailed insight to what makes the Chicago music scene so special…so vital. So stop by often and we’ll announce when the podcast goes up. In the meantime, take care of your bartenders & waitresses – they work hard so you don’t have to!


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