The Corey Dennison Band @ The Harlem Avenue Lounge (The HAL)

When it comes to the Blues, Corey Dennison has earned his chops. Taken under wing early on by likes of the legendary Carl Weathersby, The Deacon has blossomed into a full-blown Grammy nominated Bluesman with a band that will light your socks on fire. Last night’s performance at the HAL (Berwyn’s hidden Treasure) was evident that this terrific group is just getting started. “John Henry,” a regular highlight of Corey’s shows, packed it’s usual punch. My favorite tonight was the roadhouse rockin’ “4 AM” with a Cat. 5 tornado of fret work from Corey. The Harlem Avenue Lounge is one of my favorite places in the world and last night I was in heaven. Special note: you missed a drum solo by Joel Baer that answers the question, “Can Blues drummers do more than keep a beat?” Son, on the Southside, that was called a “beat down!” Get out and catch the Corey Dennison Band as soon as you can.

Featured at Kingston Mines, Chicago, IL. Mondays & Wednesdays



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